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In the context of the performance DYING TOGETHER / Earth which has its Dutch premiere at Theater Rotterdam on Tuesday 5 November, we are making a constellation about the Amazon with passers-by on Thursday 7 November at Kruisplein in Rotterdam. We investigate the relationships between this dying rainforest, the growing soy production, the port of … Lees meer

Dutch premiere DYING TOGETHER / Earth 5 November at Theater Rotterdam

On Tuesday 5 November DYING TOGETHER / Earth will have its Dutch premiere at Theater Rotterdam. The performance is the last part of a diptych. The first part DYING TOGETHER / Humans received rave reviews in the Dutch and European press. Both parts focus on the question of how looking at the way we die … Lees meer


We are very excited to be part of Performatik19, where we will be showcasing Dying Together twice this weekend. The first performance on Saturday 16th of March at 7PM in the Kaaitheater will be the Belgian premiere, for which only few tickets are left! On Sunday 17th, Lotte van den Berg will be present at … Lees meer

Dying together is looking for participants / September 27 / October 4

DYING TOGETHER is a production by Third Space / Lotte van den Berg in which the audience plays a major role alongside performers. Part of the development process are the open rehearsals, in which the audience is asked to participate and to provide feedback afterwards. There are two versions of DYING TOGETHER that both focus … Lees meer

A cube does not exist

WE HAVE NEVER BEEN MODERN On 16 June 2018 the production WE HAVE NEVER BEEN MODERN by artist duo Lotte van den Berg and Daan ‘t Sas premiered at Oerol. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN MODERN is part of the Expedition during one of the largest international festivals for performing arts on Terschelling until June 24th. … Lees meer


Dying Together premieres at Theater Rotterdam on the 12th of October. At the end of March we begin with the rehearsals. Early on in the rehearsal process, we invite participating audiences to work with us. For Saturday, March 24th, we are looking for people who want to participate in a rehearsal of a large group. … Lees meer

Cinema Imaginaire in Italy

This saturday at Short Theater Festival Rome the co-production of Lotte van den Berg and Daria Deflorian / Antonio Tagliarini will premier. Cinema Imaginaire will visit three Italian cities in September. Cinema Imaginaire is a performance made by spectators. They are challenged to make an imaginary film that will only exist in their own mind. … Lees meer

The (im)possible conversation in Molenwijk

During the (Im)possible conversation we talk to each other about important topics that can have different meanings for different people. We look for ways to live together, share space and the way we believe and love. Participation is free and we provide a nice meal afterwards. Do you want to bring someone? You are welcome to … Lees meer

Jamsession in Words

“In a good conversation you can disappear, says theater maker Lotte van den Berg.” With Building Conversation, she hopes that people of Amsterdam learn from each other. “ by Jan Pieter Ekker / Het Parool / Read the article here (in Dutch)

Alternative Political Practices in Utrecht

Voting rights for things, all debates without chairman, a silent Prinsjesdag from now on and lying in the council chamber. Around the parliamentary elections of 15 March, Building Conversation makes radical proposals for alternative political practices. Residents of the city of Utrecht and other interested parties are cordially invited to join a political discussion in … Lees meer

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